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split moon

Split Moon (formerly LEAF) is the latest project from punk veteran Mark Starr (Insight, The Gimmicks). Their hazy, spaced-out debut LP Slow Satellite was produced by Scott Holmes of Highlands and mastered by Dave Trumfio (The Mekons, Pulsars). The album features contributions from members of Crystal Antlers, The Orphans, and Sky Parade.

Slow Satellite is available on limited edition vinyl (black or translucent red) and compact disc with artwork from designer Robin Gnista.

Split Moon - Slow Satellite LP

“…a mammoth, loudly crescendoing psychedelic dreampop noise racket par excellence.” – Jack Rabid, Big Takeover Magazine

“Tracks like It’s Alright assure me that this isn’t a run-of-the-mill shoegaze record, tossing a synth line into the melody and veering into Britpop territory.” – David Hampton, Sly Vinyl

“Opening cut (and single) “Shades” shatters like a million billion suns into a beautiful crescendo while on “Feel Free” the band really stomps down on the gas pedal and plows over trees.”- Tim Hinely, Dagger Zine

New Planet Trampoline

New Planet Trampoline returns after an 8-year hiatus with Dark Rides and Grim Visions, an expansive double-LP filled with melodic, experimental, and lyrically cryptic songs. The album veers between intricate psych-pop (“Ex-President”), raging garage-punk (“Nervous Intuition”), and multi-part prog epics (“Nearly Finished Face”) over the course of 69 mind-melting minutes.

New Planet Trampoline - Dark Rides and Grim Visions 2LP

“…seems to have been influenced by everyone yet retains a flavour all of its own, the music sprawling, trippy, and beautifully constructed.” – Simon Lewis, Terrascope Online

“And what raw power; like a more serious Dukes of Stratosphear, “Grim Visions” and “Ex-President” are as poptastic as the Pretties’ “Balloon Burning” or the Dukes’ “My Love Explodes.”” – Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover

“This is some dark, spooky neo-psychedelia…an updating of the sound that embraces the adventurous, occasionally nightmarish spirit of the original movement…” – Nathan Ford, The Active Listener

Dark Rides and Grim Visions is available on digital, CD, and gatefold LP formats.
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The It Men

First time on vinyl: A double dose of raw, undiluted Cleveland garage punk! The It*Men was a band led by Ken Janssen, a fearless supporter of the Northeast Ohio music scene, who tragically passed away in 2015. Backed by members of New Planet Trampoline, The Hot Rails, and The Dreadful Yawns, The It*Men cemented their rightful place in the history of rust belt rock ’n’ roll.

This double-LP contains the 2004 debut album, plus six new tracks recorded in 2013. Two black vinyl discs housed in gatefold sleeve with hilariously inaccurate liner notes. Includes download code. Buy it now on Bandcamp!

The It*Men Greatest Its

“A shotgun marriage of Stooges/MC5 Motor City fuh and Pere Ubu/Electric Eels Clevo art-skronk.” – Fred Mills, Blurt Magazine

“An effortless 1970’s power and acumen…imaginative and fearless!” – Malcolm Dome, Classic Rock AOR Magazine

“Rips the roof off with a destructive brew of Dead Boys aggression and Deep Purple “Machine Head”-era hard hitting anthems.” – Kevin McGovern, Fear & Loathing in Long Beach

Greatest Its is a giant razzberry blown in the Grim Reaper’s face.” – Ken Shimamoto, The Stash Dauber

Also Available:

The Action Janssen LP

The Action Janssen LP is a collection of outtakes and unreleased recordings by The It Men, The Hot Rails, and The Vista Cruisers.

Each of these bands shared a larger-than-life front man: Ken Janssen. Ken was diagnosed with ALS and passed away on January 1, 2015. These tracks capture the energy and wit that Ken brought to the stage as a performer, and remind us of the man whose friendship we dearly miss.

The Action Janssen LP was originally planned as a 7”/45 rpm single featuring the last It*Men recordings, with Fred Gunn of Hiram-Maxim taking over vocal duties due to Ken’s illness. That quickly became an E.P., then a full-length album, as more Janssen-era nuggets from The Vista Cruisers and The Hot Rails began to surface. The result is a kick-ass compilation showcasing some of the best no-frills rock ’n’ roll from Cleveland.

The Action Janssen LP is available as a specially-priced vinyl, CD, and digital download.

Check out The It*Men website for more info!